Anne hathaway dating adam shulman

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For the time being, Hala and her husband have decided to work on their marriage and make it a success.

Unlike the rumors, the pair has no thoughts regarding a baby as of now.

Hala Gorani, age 45, and her husband Christian tied their knot in Jardin Majerelle, Morocco in the presence of their relatives and loved ones.

Christian is Hala’s colleague and works as senior photojournalist.

The Insider further added that the couple has not made any plans for right now, but are not completely closed to the idea of children in the future.

At the moment, they would like to focus their attention on their work as well as their relationship rather than on adding any type of responsibility that comes with a kid.

These celebrity couples have done their very best to keep an iron lock on their personal lives and to keep their children as far away from the spotlight as they can.

While you may know him as the buff and hunky Mad Max, Tom Hardy is also a proud papa!

with "the little one." Hardy is known to keep a very low profile and is adamant that he prefers having a normal life with his family than to living the quintessential celebrity lifestyle.

An insider close to them has revealed that their secret relationship started since many years back.

The newly wedded couple have already set their career in media and are ready to set their family life in the rights too.

He and wife, actress Charlotte Riley, welcomed a baby in October 2015 and there has still (as of this writing) been no announcement of the name or sex of the child.

While Hardy has another child, a son named Louis from a previous relationship, this is Hardy's first child with Riley.

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