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For example using Xml Document (the DOM implementation from Microsoft) this would be a typical way to create an XML tree. Inner Text = "206-555-0144"; Xml Element phone2 = doc. XDocument contacts Doc = new XDocument( new XDeclaration("1.0", "utf-8", "yes"), new XComment("LINQ to XML Contacts XML Example"), new XProcessing Instruction("My App", "1"), new XElement("contacts", new XElement("contact", new XElement("name", "Patrick Hines"), new XElement("phone", "206-555-0144"), new XElement("address", new XElement("street1", "123 Main St"), new XElement("city", "Mercer Island"), new XElement("state", "WA"), new XElement("postal", "68042") ) ) ) ); XML names LINQ to XML goes out of its way to make XML names as straightforward as possible.Xml Document doc = new Xml Document(); Xml Element name = doc. Inner Text = "Patrick Hines"; Xml Element phone1 = doc. Arguably, the complexity of XML names, which is often considered an advanced topic in XML literature, comes not from namespaces, which developers use regularly in programming, but from XML prefixes.XML prefixes can be useful for reducing the keystrokes required when inputting XML or making XML easier to read, however prefixes are just a shortcut for using the full XML Namespace.On input LINQ to XML resolves all prefixes to their corresponding XML Namespace and prefixes are not exposed in the programming API.A few examples include the following: You should be able to accomplish most XML programming tasks you run into using this technology. XML nodes are created in the context of the XML document.

It takes advantage of standard query operators and adds query extensions specific to XML.

LINQ to XML is a language-agnostic component of the LINQ Project. Functional construction is described further in the section titled "Creating XML From Scratch." Document "free" When programming XML your primary focus is usually on XML elements and perhaps attributes.

The samples in most of this document are shown in C# for brevity. This makes sense because an XML tree, other than at the leaf level, is composed of XML elements and your primary goal when working with XML is traversing or manipulating the XML elements that make up the XML tree.

From one perspective you can think of LINQ to XML as a member of the LINQ Project family of technologies with LINQ to XML providing an XML Language-Integrated Query capability along with a consistent query experience for objects, relational database (LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Data Set, LINQ to Entities), and other data access technologies as they become LINQ-enabled.

From another perspective you can think of LINQ to XML as a full feature in-memory XML programming API comparable to a modernized, redesigned Document Object Model (DOM) XML Programming API plus a few key features from XPath and XSLT.

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