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Get too little sleep - five hours or fewer per night - and you double your risk of death from all causes [source: ].

And once you've been awake for 18 hours, you may be more than just a little tired.

Once your body metabolizes the alcohol you drank, your sleep becomes restless, and you may wake early or multiple times during the night, and you may find it difficult to fall back asleep [source: To help avoid the sleep-related side effects of alcohol, which may include headache, night sweats, nightmares and snoring (in addition to a growing reliance on that evening cocktail), cap yourself at one to two drinks and don't drink alcohol within three hours of turning in [source: Yes, turkey does contain tryptophan. In fact, an ounce of cheese contains more tryptophan than an ounce of turkey - and we've yet to hear anyone complaining how tired they are after ordering the cheese plate [source: your body uses as a building block for producing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate your mood, your appetite and your sleep cycle, in addition to melatonin, a hormone that also regulates sleep.

Let's get to the bottom of some of the most common myths about sleep, including how many hours are ideal.

Those who haven't reached adulthood yet need more than eight hours.

You may stop noticing the effects of your sleep deprivation after a while, but less sleep is associated with Although you may feel more refreshed after indulging in a long night of sleep after a week of early mornings, recovering from your sleep debt - the difference between the hours of sleep your body requires and the number of you're actually getting - takes time, and definitely more than just one night of .

If, for instance, your sleep patterns are similar to the average American adult, you're sleeping 6.8 hours on weekdays and a little more, 7.4 hours, on weekend nights.

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