Computer not updating group policy

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Try logging in as the local administrator and see if that alleviates the problem. I have a Windows 8 laptop physically removed from the domain, re-assigned to a local workgroup, the domain user account deleted, and am logged in as a local admin.If it does, you need to disjoin the machine from the domain through the computer name tab in the advanced system settings and stop using the domain level account to log in. In my case even after a month later, it was trying to use Windows Update configured via group policy.

For info if you have this on a computer that has not been removed from the domain.

You can run gupdate /force again on that computer to update the policies back onto the computer again.

It should take you much less than 5 minutes to perform this task.

I have had a few instances where GPO's have been updated and a gpupdate /force tells me it has applied the policies successfully but upon closer inspection some of the new settings have not been applied.

Check this through 'rsop.msc' to see all the settings applied and what GPO they came from.

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