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If you are single and wondering, "why the heck am I still single? The author David Steele is who I did my Relationship Coaching training with.

This is great stuff and will help anyone begin to look at their challenges in finding their true love Relationship Coaching Institute Founder, Author, Relationship Coaching Pioneer, and Global Authority on Growing a Profitable Private Practice David Steele is making a profound impact for coaches, therapists, the media, clients and those seeking to make conscious life partner choices around the world.

I recommend this book, but make sure you are seriously interested in doing some soul-searching, and have the time for it - this book could take months to get through if you're really approaching it properly.

Practical and down to earth, the author clearly understands humane nature and how that nature plays out in the dating world.

It is hard to keep your head straight with so many external influences around you.

Being conscious of your feelings is crucial because it shows how you feel about someone.

These changes mark you as an individual, and you should not try to change the other person to fit your perception.

In a conscious dating scenario, you should respect each other’s choices.

This is really more of a workbook, than just simply a book, so every chapter has little assignements that you do at the end, before you move on to the next chapter.

By giving each other space to grow and do exciting things your relationship can go a long way.

This helps both develop together as two unique individuals.

People in conscious relationships understand the fact that their partners need the freedom to explore and do new things.

Irrespective of whether you both have similar interests or not, you should never be the reason why your partner feels restricted.

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