Dating a recovering gambling addict

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Your father was an addict, you were no stranger to addictive behaviors but you are quite familiar with enabling and avoiding looking at your own stuff.Assuming that your age is remotely close to correct it really took you four years to figure out that this guy was a full of shit whiner that wasn't accountable for his own choices?

They were ON TOP of the world and bottomed out because of the DRUG.I never bought into the f&Cked up alibi that addiction is a disease or about anything else but the substance that YOU CHOSE TO ABUSE. These circles that want to raise a flag and begin a parade because someone didnt drink for a month is all hype crap and while it may be all supportive for some egotistical chump who doesn't want to accept the reality of his using. Needless to say my hard core approach caused a lot of woman to dump me because I wouldn't coddle them in their self analagies or give them some lame excuse beyond the USAGE of the drug.My reasoning is that there are healthy and positive avenues to resource for "emotional problems"... It was NOT okay to use again because they had some emotional pain.There are "softies" in the world, people who have co-dependent issues. The question is: Why, when your friends could have dated him, and they rejected him, did you accept him?You're over here ****ing about him when you should be ****ing at the woman if you are one, you see in the mirror.

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