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I would also propose to have a property with the file (or even the zoom file (or Image etc) as to have the direct download of the image available. e=4C36D94713293518451249F6419DF088AFA28295C9C09B27F1430AACF2815D73&s=21&se=149022812&f=\d9335\u1799335015.135_v01_o4--Hannolans (That was of course the plan, but I first wanted people the time to comment on this.The proposal is now at Wikidata: Property proposal/Commons compatible image available at URL. Multichill (, which User: Succu persists in repeatedly (five times, so far) trying to merge into one or another item about patently different concepts; or from which he removes cited statements. By the way: Do thing giving only a ISBN like 0198540329 is a sufficient source? I must admit I am completely mystified with what concept Andy Mabbett has in mind.So, the American Ornithological Union checklists are only one source, not THE source.Of course, it may be possible to start creating items based only on American Ornithological Union concepts, but this would be a fairly big departure from existing practice.

Since the 1707 Acts of Union, when the UK came into existence, however, there is dual nationality - birth place gives Welsh, being part of that UK gives a second. It is agreed that The Netherlands is a country, however the country of citizenship is The Kingdom of the Netherlands.This item refers to the "split" Guadaloupe Murrelet but has links to sources that do not recognise the split.It also includes the alternative name of Xantus's Murrelet, which is confusing.A species with name Synthliboramphus hypoleucus (Xantus's Murrelet) was deleted from the AOU list as per the 53rd supplement in 2012 I'm not really a wikidata expert, but I would suggest the best course of action is to retain Xantus's Murrelet to something which indicates that this is a formerly recognised taxon, but which has been deleted.I had a quick look but couldn't find an item that would describe that, but this must have happened before. I don't really think that Xantus's Murrelet Wikidata follows a NPo V policy, not a Single Point of View policy; for that try Wikispecies.

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