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Ms Gibbins – dubbed by colleagues at the charity as the ‘red under the bed’ and the ‘quiet Corbynista’ – had previously refused to meet Prince Charles when he visited her office, stayed at her desk as colleagues watched Lady Thatcher’s funeral, and turned down a Buckingham Palace garden party invitation.

Yet Judge Sarah Goodman and tribunal colleagues ruled the British Council was right to fire the staunch republican for her 'reckless lack of judgment, inexcusable in someone in a senior position' - despite her claims that she had a 'slip of judgement'.

There followed a debate among Ms Gibbins’s friends of social media about the Royals, Central London Employment Tribunal heard.

She wrote the offending comment in response to a photo placed by the band Dub Pistols, which had the caption: 'I know he's only two years old, but Prince George looks like a f***ing d***head.'This was followed by the comment 'too much?

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', which sparked a debate among Ms Gibbin's friends about white privilege, Central London Employment Tribunal was told. That cheeky grin is the (already locked-in) innate knowledge that he’s Royal, rich, advantaged and will never know any difficulties or hardships in life.

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The picture, released to mark George’s third birthday, was originally posted on Facebook with vile comments by the band Dub Pistols.

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She also added that she has been unable to secure another job since her outburst.

Rebecca Walton, the British Council's EU regional director, who oversaw the disciplinary hearing, told the tribunal: 'My concern would have been the same whoever our Patron was, whether from the Royal Family or not.'She added: 'I believe there is a recklessness that comes into play when you choose to comment under a picture of a three-year-old child about that three-year-old child.'It is common knowledge that it is hard to keep your social media to 150 people, and 150 people alone are a lot of people.'She didn't think through the consequences of her actions.'Ms Gibbins, of Walthamstow, east London, had said she either wanted her job back with compensation, another job or just compensation.

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