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Nevertheless, she has the talent for something more and she should pursue it, however seductive the alternative may be.

I was obviously very excited, but I needed to take a moment to do some homework, some research.These included David Hallberg as Espada the matador and Carmen Corella as his girlfriend, Mercedes, who were both excellent, as were Sarawanee Tanatanit and Sascha Radetsky as the Gypsy Couple and Maria Riccetto and Adrienne Schulte as Kitri’s friends.A special word, too, for Renata Pavam, who appeared as Amour.Then on Wednesday I saw ABT’s and there it was again, all the same nonsense (minus the cleavage, of course).In the past, I had just taken it for granted; maybe I even laughed when Sancho Panza fell down, as he so often does, or Gamache tripped over his sword, as he so often does, or Basil feels-up Kitri, which he does twice.

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