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An all day smoke that doesn't wear out its welcome during the day.

If you've read my other reviews, you may have noticed I love flake tobaccos. You'll open up this tin and find a relatively dark tobacco with smatterings of beige to light brown specs.

I think the plum (I think it's closes to a blueberry but tomato tomato ;) also helps the room note as it's nice than a typical Va Bur stink haha.

I really enjoyed this tobacco and will usually keep some tins of this readily at hand.

And you may even take notice of a berry (guess it's actually plum) undertone. I've come to realize for my smoking tastes I usually keep it to a case by case (or flake by flake basis).

The flakes are cut very cleanly similar to Solani's ABF tin presentation (in relation to the cut). Maybe it's the flavoring that has been added but I find this does not burn as well when rolled and stuffed.

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Has a very pleasant after taste with a nice room note.

I picked up a tin resently and this morning filled a smallish Old England with quite a long stem.

Sipping it very gently, I experienced a delightful NEW tobacco!

The tobaccos used were of obviously high quality and I'm not sure why they added the berry flavoring. This is a smooth and nicely balanced fairly "full" Va Bur.

The Virginias are slightly sweet and very smooth with some nutty burley to give it some depth.

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