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If it's hard for you to focus on enjoying yourself, turn the lights off.A shocking number of women have trouble mentally letting go and enjoying oral sex when their partner goes down on them. Try keeping the lights off so you're less likely to be distracted by your surroundings, and more likely to float off into ready-to-orgasm land.2.Try wrapping your hand around the bottom of his shaft, and taking the rest of him in your mouth.Or, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.Then let his peen hit the underside of your tongue. And since the subject came up, you don't need to swallow either. Neither one of you can read each other's mind during sex, so speak up if there's something that you want that he's not delivering.When, where, and how your partner ejaculates during a blow job should be something both of you discuss and agree upon. poll, 54 percent of men like oral action as foreplay alone. If you're going to be down there, you might as well experiment with different flavors. There are tons of ways to verbalize it if you feel a little tongue tied, like "It's so hot when you..." or "I'd love it if you'd try..."9. You should never be doing anything in bed that feels uncomfortable, but if you're coming up against a bit of muscle fatigue, try any of these hand job techniques.'I'm showing you this picture because this is what melanoma looks like,' the 49-year-old fitness competitor captioned the picture. 'It looks like God has a different plan for me,' she added.Tamra explained she is not looking for sympathy, but wants this news to be a precautionary tale.'I don't want sympathy, I want you to save YOUR a** and get your skin checked. As her emotions have run the gamut, Tamra is pleased that they found the malignant mole in it's early stages. But we caught it early and that makes me happy.'Although - much like her fitness competition - she may have to put off her birthday party plans for another time.'Happy birthday to me.

Here's how to make sure both of you are giving as good as you get.1.Tamra Judge announced she has skin cancer on Sunday.The Real Housewife Of Orange County star shared a selfie wearing cropped shorts revealing a small mole on the side of her posterior. The mother of four is an avid body builder and was hoping to compete again after her 50th birthday. I was planning on competing again in November at 50 years old, but I'm not sure that's happening now.Our experienced writers are always on hand to offer encouragement and help. How it stretched the fabric of his otherwise loose-fitting gym wear..." We add new erotica to our site most days.We also promote our members sex story books for them. Every story submitted by our members is checked by our moderators to ensure it is of high quality and complies with our submission guidelines.

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