How to meet someone in person online dating

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My first online date was with a hot sauce purveyor who had previously sold me a bottle of liquid habanero at a bazaar that I had gifted my dad for Christmas.

(I live in Brooklyn.) I feel like we probably re-met on Tinder, the only app in existence at the time.

The first guy I met in person from the app was a finance bro named Greg, and he was the hottest guy I'd ever seen.

We made plans for dinner a week after matching — on a Saturday — and we spent the days leading up to that night texting so vigorously and intensely, it was like we were already dating.

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I forgot ALL my credit cards at home," then added, "I was getting really frustrated with the credit card industry and the interest rates, etc." But like, he works at a bank? He's like, oh I'm not on Venmo, I don't believe in it. (To clarify, I am 100 percent a feminist, but I also believe in manners and if someone asks you out, and it was his idea to get food, then he should pay.) After the date ended, he texted to ask me out but never Venmo'd me, and wanted to take me out again to pay me back. BUT it was totally worth it because he took me to this wine bar, Amelie, on West 8th street, and I loved it and go there all the time now.We talked via the app's chat feature intermittently for two months before he suggested we meet up in person for drinks at a now-closed West Village NYC bar.As far as first dates with a relative stranger go, it was great in that it wasn't at all awkward and the conversation flowed seamlessly. When the theater is empty, she says, "OK, I have to ask you a serious question to see if I want this to go forward." I said "OK." Then, she says: "How do you feel the homosexuals fit into God's agenda?(Keep reading.)After speaking with real live human women via emails and Reddit, I now have the evidence to back up the following thesis: Meeting someone online for the first time is strange, vulnerable, and always makes for a good story.I matched with him on Tinder when the app was still relatively new to market.

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