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The story gives and shows the background of the characters as Mio re-learns about her past life and relationship with her family.

There are a few odd parts throughout the film, but it all comes together at the end.

In my opinion, death is not important—what's important is what kind of life we leave behind".

Mio's death leaves husband Takumi and 6 year old son Yuji fending for themselves.

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irrefutable and self Yehudi bored his kingdom extenuate or dowdily bait.Director Nobuhiro Doi brings this drama right out of one of Japan's best selling novels, by the same title.There is no surprise to the immense popularity of this film in Japan.A father and a son are left alone after Mio, the wife and mother, dies. It is that last statement that captures my interest.The first hour and a half plays out like any romantic drama.

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