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Scheinhorn graduated from the Tulane University School of Medicine in 1981.

She works in Glendale, CA and 1 other location and specializes in Ophthalmology. Scheinhorn is affiliated with USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, Methodist Hospital Of Southern California and Huntington Memorial Hospital.

“This can actually help the relationship in the long-run by building a supportive environment early on,” says Novak.

She advises millennials who are living at home but looking to date, to use their close proximity to their families to their advantage and introduce their potential partners to the family early on in the relationship.“This can help build confidence in the relationship or help identify those who may not make a good match,” says Novak.

Stacy Kaiser, Live Happy Editor at Large and licensed psychotherapist, says that many of the millennials are, “slowing their lives down by taking extra time to live with their parents, build a career, and find the right mate.”While they are leaving the nest later, they are hoping to do so with more solid footing in hopes of gaining greater long term success. Romance's Guide to Dating In the Digital Age states that dating while living at home has its drawbacks.

Cruz states that the, “key to solving the millennial dating dilemma, is to focus on living independent lives.”Novak believes that one of the major differences of millennials living at home versus single independent millennials is that the family usually meets a significant other earlier in the dating process.

The first deterrent is that millennials still living at home fear that disclosing that they still live at home may turn off a potential suitor.

Second is that it makes them look at relationships in a different way.

And then they’ll say, “And I need them to be this tall.” I go, “Well, okay, so you want them to be 5 foot 10 or taller; what if you met the perfect guy who was 5 foot 9? PK: Yeah, and your tenets: Women should not call men. The guidelines that we put out have everything to do with following that biology to have greater success.

And our clients that are following these guidelines, they’re finding the right relationships.

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