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As you’ll know, it’s the latest and highest-quality resolution available on TVs, managing four times the pixels of High Definition.

Now, many cameras, camcorders and mobile phones shoot video at this resolution, so you can play back your own creations on a 4K telly.

The autofocus is especially fast which is handy if you need to switch from distant to near subjects quickly.

Buy now The new Sony action cam is very accomplished and has a wrist strap accessory with a remote display that’s lightweight, small and very efficient at showing you what you’re shooting.

The improved ergonomics of not shooting with a flat sheet of glass are considerable, too.

Since there isn’t a display on the camera, the app connects it to your Apple or Android smartphone by Bluetooth so you can see what the camera is looking at when you’re setting up your shot.The viewfinder is an OLED display which looks tremendous, while the microphone is capable of Dolby surround sound recording.It’s lightweight and compact compared to professional versions, too.It can also be clipped onto the back of the main unit.It shoots 4K at 30fps and has effective optical image stabilisation.

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