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He went behind a tree and the bear kept coming, so he took off on his 'death run' down hill towards his dad.With the grizzly just feet behind his son, and running full speed, Ron's dad shot one arrow.The bear was autopsied and showed that it was well over 500 lbs(the grizzlies in that area average 350lbs) and 11 years old(which is in it's prime).Following the path of the arrow, the autopsy showed that the arrow went in, hit a main artery, then bent, and hit the heart!

In addition, each stream has additional core modules.

In the case of international candidates, the overseas equivalent as determined by the Course Board and the guidelines of UL Graduate School Admissions is required.

Where candidates are non-native English language speakers, certified demonstrable achievements in a Standard English Language Competency Test will be necessary.

MSc in Psychological Science The MSc in Psychological science (1-year full-time postgraduate programme) is an exciting new MSc programme which provides students with a menu of modules that reflect the breadth of psychological research and its applications.

The postgraduate programme showcases the core strengths of the Department of Psychology with emphasis on research methods, applied and social psychology, and clinical psychology.

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