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Il pappagallo in questione però, nonostante non possa dirsi di una bellezza sfolgorante, è diventato una vera e propria star grazie alle foto che la sua padroncina, Isabella Eisenmann, una ragazza 23enne di Boston, ha deciso postare su Instagram.

Rhea è un pappagallo appartenente alla famiglia dei Cacatua: è nudo e spelacchiato ma non per questo appare triste anzi, Isabella sostiene che passa le sue giornate saltellando e cantando felice per casa.

Both the opening and closing moments of the film still show things like occasional scratches, some fairly pronounced if fleeting, though the bulk of the film has had any really egregious damage ameliorated if not totally removed.

Detail levels on the Arrow version are noticeably improved, as is general palette saturation, especially in some of the close-ups Argento employs (see screenshots 4, 9, 14 and 15 of this review).

The palette looks more pleasing to my eyes overall not just in terms of saturation but in general temperature, with some really stunning reds and blues, but with a good accounting of any number of tones, both primary and secondary.

Those many aforementioned dark scenes also have passing issues with crush, especially with regard to the black clad assailant working in extremely shadowy environments.

There has been quite a bit of commentary on our forum about perceived framing differences on this release when compared to the previous releases, but I have to honestly say nothing struck me as problematic (i.e, no crew members in evidence, no edges of sets on display, etc.), which some may ascribe to my stupidity (get in line, please), but which others who have seen a number of similar controversies in the past at this point may take as a sign that (for them, anyway) this is another tempest in a teapot.

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