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In my day, a break up talk was only required to end a committed relationship.

You might go on dates with Teddy five weekends in a row and then see him holding hands with Jenny at a party. I can remember going on dates with multiple guys for weeks before choosing to focus on one.

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No one objected to the harsh realities of the early stages of dating.

Dating was shopping, and your decision was not final until you committed to someone.

The argument that this person and I had never met held little weight in her eyes. I was supposed to be a good guy.“That poor girl is going crazy, thinking there’s something wrong with her.”Huh? It’s not your problem if they feel entitled to more.”It turns out Dave is a fuckboy, conveniently excusing his own sketchy behavior. On the other hand, what is perfectly reasonable, even if it’s an unwelcome slow realization to the other party? Deciding not to date someone even if you are attracted to them.So I was quite surprised when I read it and learned just how low the bar has gotten for calling out rude dating behavior.First, writer Ben Philippe helpfully defines ghosting:“Ghosting — the act of cutting contact in the midst of an ongoing interaction with someone you are casually, or in some cases not so casually, seeing — is nothing new and plenty has been written about it.If you can’t help but be distracted by your phone, it’s best that you just put it away when on a date or having a conversation.You’re not trying to be rude or ignore the other person, we all do it, but this toxic behavior has become so much of our daily lives that we don’t even realize it anymore.

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