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She is not A MAN as I keep referring to her in this show!Feedback for this show can be sent to: [email protected] Kids, Comics! Feedback for this show can be sent to: [email protected] Kids, Comics! It can be old or new, a major publisher or an indie, Superhero or Vertigo, heck, a TV show or novel - the sky's the limit as long as the Father & Son duo can find something to argure about. is a semi-regular Internet Radio Show in which your hosts, Father and Son Andrew & Micheal Leyland, will pick an issue, story arc, creator or character from the myriad of comics available to talk about and dissect.Download Micheal and Andrew are back feeling guilty about all the times they've given comics superstar JIM LEE a kicking. Feedback for this show can be sent to: [email protected] Kids, Comics!So they delved into the comics reading pile to pull out 2 random issues from the Jim Lee early days, a PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL and an X-MEN. Or did his artistic talent grow and develop over the years? is a proud member of the Comics Podcast Network ( and the League of Comic Book Podcasts ( but also the TWO TRUE FREAKS Internet Radio network!!Feedback for this show can be sent to: [email protected] Kids, Comics!Download The Christmas hits keep on coming on TTF as Micheal and Andrew deliver their annual seasonal spectacular.

YOU can sponsor any episode of your favorite TTF affiliated shows? Simply click the Pay Pal link, donate ANY amount at all, tell us which show you're choosing and what message, if any, you'd like us to read on your behalf, and YOU will be an Official Sponsor of that show's very next episode, with your message read in the show's opener!! Samira Ahmed is a respected journalist and broadcaster who I quite like when I've seen her.You can now "Friend" either Micheal or Andrew on Facebook or on Twitter. A part of the TWO TRUE FREAKS Internet Radio Network! This time the Northern Chancers head back to Gotham City to look at the first 2 trade paperbacks from the New 52 era, COURT OF OWLS and CITY OF OWLS by Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder.What do they make of this bold re-invention of the Batman mythos? Feedback for this show can be sent to: [email protected] Kids, Comics!When I look at the comment section it's to see useful information not to get spoilers (no matter the size). Freddy DESERVES an award fo rhis performance of an Autistic - he does it with excellence, precision and typical of an autiostic person and how they handle (or more specifically dont handle) conflict. ) You've posted the wrong show for the tag below, you paradiddling coxcomb (p.s. Been a month or more now and still every time I come to this site my antivirus pops up about every 10 seconds saying it's secured a threat.

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