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This maneuver follows the recent bombshell reports of decades of sexual harassment and sexually coercive behaviors on his casting couch, towards numerous female stars. According to media reports, former Miramax mogul and producer Harvey Weinstein has left Hollywood to seek treatment for sex addiction at a rehab facility in Europe.“I’ll give you 0 for the tall one over there,” he says.“Gentlemen,” Franklin snorts, “that’s a buying price, not a selling price.” The man will bring eight to nine hundred dollars in Mississippi.The only bridge into town is the old stone-pillared toll bridge.In five years, when the Cherokee are forced across this bridge, sick, starving, afraid, Nashvillians will claim they were so moved by the suffering that they tried to help the refugees, but were rebuked by the soldiers escorting them. Almost everyone in Nashville has known Isaac Franklin since he was born.It’s fascinating that Weinstein mentioned his “demons.” This hearkens back to the times when inexplicable human behaviors were, in fact, blamed on demonic possession.

Isaac, his four brothers, and five sisters were born in that house.Franklin’s victims pass briefly among the villagers and then disappear down the Natchez Trace. Nashville cherishes the stories of complicated men like Judge John Overton and Andrew Jackson, and protects them the same as it does the Victorian Ryman Auditorium or the mid-century modern Cordell Hull Building — now, anyway.By contrast, Isaac Franklin’s story, inconvenient for boosters and thus better forgotten, is buried.A hundred women and children follow behind in wagons, destined for sale.A man with a fiddle walks alongside the chained men, playing to keep them moving at the same speed. Nashville is a village of 5,500 people living near the crumbling remains of Fort Nashborough.

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