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In the same household, husbands and wives may be divided in their perceptions of it as a lifeline to the outside world or as an incursion into privacy.Patterns of ‘computer’ use between members of the same family are not predictable either (Wheelock).To them, the telephone alters the nature of social interaction.

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Each individual person is in this sense a culture of one.

Jane Wheelock is Reader in Social Policy at the University of Newcastle.

Foreword: The mirror of technology Marilyn Strathern This book nicely ends with some of its subjects playing back one of its themes.

Each becomes a repertoire of facilities for the processing of meanings through already established patterns of interpretation and evaluation—not such a fanciful idea in a world that the producers of television programmes are about to discover (Ang), that every individual is a market of one.

Scale, however, is irrelevant to the fact that these essays pay attention to a cultural context that is at once specific and ubiquitous: the home.

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