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As Miss Manners has said: “Shunning scoundrels is one of society’s dues, sadly neglected by those who refuse to pass judgement, and may also have discovered that scoundrels sometimes make lively companions”.

To “set the stage”, each of my friends was unhappily single when I started my Ph D, and thanks, in part, to some of my advice (which will form a post next week), both are now REASONABLY happy in relationships.

But after reading this book, I now know a lot more about both (and a bunch of other things, as well).

The application of economic principles to something everyone has experience with—dating—will help readers figure out how to behave in any market.”Alvin E.

What became VERY interesting is he’d calculate the ratio of money spent to sexual encounters obtained (in my first draft I called this “kisses” euphemistically and counted on “men of the world” to be able to read between the lines: there are at least two grandmothers who read the blog somewhat regularly and I was worried the post was getting crass – Mike encouraged me to tell it like it is, so there you go).

After each date, she’d brag to us how much she’d managed to get the guy to spend and how little physical affection she had to provide.

I think her high point was 0 and she gave him a hug at the end of the night. Just to clarify, it wasn’t like she sold it on E*Bay or a street corner, this was a long term boyfriend who felt the need to “cash out” for past sins as they were breaking up.

Good Enough—“ Economists may not be known for their romantic expertise, but Oyer explains the ins and outs of online dating with such clarity, humor, and scientific prowess that I’m guessing many marriages will result from his book.

A hilarious, thought-provoking, must-read manual for anybody who wants to find The One and learn why love and the economy make for highly entertaining bedfellows.”Sam Yagan, cofounder, Ok Cupid, and CEO,—“ I thought I knew a lot about online dating and a lot about economics, too.

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