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Most users will not need to issue this command in normal circumstances.

tells Certbot to continue with certificate generation if only some of the specified domain authorizations can be obtained.

If you’re getting a certificate for many domains at once, the plugin needs to know where each domain’s files are served from, which could potentially be a separate directory for each domain.

When requesting a certificate for multiple domains, each domain will use the most recently specified .

While hidden from the UI, you can use the plugin to obtain a certificate by specifying will prepare a self-signed SSL certificate for you with the challenge validation appropriately encoded into a subject Alternat Names entry.

You will need to configure your SSL server to present this challenge SSL certificate to the ACME server using SNI.

tells Certbot to create a separate, unrelated certificate with the same domains as an existing certificate.

This certificate is saved completely separately from the prior one.

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Hooks will only be run if a certificate is due for renewal, so you can run the above command frequently without unnecessarily stopping your webserver.To obtain a certificate using a “standalone” webserver, you can use the standalone plugin by including on the command line.This plugin needs to bind to port 80 or 443 in order to perform domain validation, so you may need to stop your existing webserver.The same plugin and options that were used at the time the certificate was originally issued will be used for the renewal attempt, unless you specify other plugins or options.Unlike command includes hooks for running commands or scripts before or after a certificate is renewed.

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